About us

Marine Monitoring is a consulting and research company specialised in marine biology, ecotoxicology and environmental monitoring. Our vision is to conduct investigations and qualified assessments which can contribute to an ecologically based development of society.

The company was founded in 1999 and is led by three senior scientists who are leading experts within several fields and have, since the 1980’s, worked with questions regarding eutrophication, ecotoxicology, ecosystem effects, coastal zone planning, environmental monitoring and fisheries. Within the company there are employed marine biologists, all with academic degrees, who have a solid experience in project management and all types of investigations relating to the marine environment and the use of this.

During the time that Marine Monitoring has been operating we have carried out numerous assignments for both industry and authorities. The company conducts environmental impact assessments and interdisciplinary literature studies as well as biological field sampling and impact analyses for monitoring purposes.


Marine Monitoring offers services in the following field of activities within the marine environment:

Investigations of the marine environment and conservation value assessment

Personnel working at Marine Monitoring have a unique experience of biological field sampling where we use the following methods depending on the aim of the assignment:

The company has a documented environmental policy and quality system and are certified in accordance with the environmental management system Swedish Miljöbas. As a natural consequence of our work, environmental issues are of great interest to us, which is reflected in the company’s environmental work.

Our substantial experience and scientific association results in analysis and assessments of high quality. We use national standardised methods and grounds for assessment and participate in method development for monitoring and assessments of water quality. We have a close dialogue with authorities and companies and partake in workshops, intercalibrations, training and meetings to keep up to date with the latest in technology, method development, assessments and classifications of the marine environment.

Marine Monitoring consistently aim to present approaches and results in a way that is easily understandable, also to non-experts. We work both on the Swedish west coast and in the Baltic Sea and have a good reputation with authorities as well as companies; among them the Swedish agency for marine and water management, the Swedish environmental protection agency, county administrative boards, water quality associations and private companies.

Marine Monitoring has its premises at the public saltwater aquarium “Havets Hus” in Lysekil, however without connection to its activities.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Marine Monitoring AB | Strandvägen 9 | 453 30 Lysekil | +46(0)523-101 82 | info@marine-monitoring.se